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How It Works

Whether you are dealing with an ongoing issue, just had surgery, or are recovering from an injury, we are here to help!  At your first appointment, we will take a detailed history, do a thorough evaluation and help you set goals for your treatment. You start your treatment the very same day!

Call or email us today to get started!

Do I need a prescription?

No, you do not need a prescription to start physical therapy. However, after 10 business days, we are required to have a prescription in order for you to continue treatment.   


Do you take my insurance?

We take most insurance policies, including Tricare, Medicare, BCBS, United, Humana and Aetna. See a more complete list of our contracted carriers here. If your insurance requires preauthorization, our front office team will help you obtain it!


What should I wear/bring to my first appointment?

Just wear something comfortable that you can move around in. You will need your driver's license, insurance card, and a list of medications that you are currently taking, if any. 


How often will I need to attend physical therapy?

Most patients come two to three times per week, but it varies for each patient. 

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